I love to make unique art specifically around you and your family.

Please feel free to email or call me about getting started on your one of a kind felt creation.


“Xander captured the collaboratively energy of our team beautifully, tying elements we asked for like birds and butterflies into a bright and compelling vision. His work is a perfect colorful accent to our space.” - Lev T. - CEO THINKSHOUT - Portland, OR - “HiveMinded”

 “Xander created a one of a kind piece of art for our nursery. He worked with us to find the most impactful and interesting subject matter and then created a beautiful piece for us - two interwoven roads symbols of our twins. It hangs proudly in the most important room in our house. We often get comments about its vibrant colors and textures. 1 year olds love it too. Xander was a pleasure to work with and we love having a piece by him in our house every day. “ - Alexander P. - San Francisco Resident - “Forged Future”

“When I first saw Xander’s art, I was absolutely captivated. I immediately tracked him down so I could commission a piece. He was incredibly easy to work with and he understood and articulated the piece’s concept in a meaningful way. I was thrilled when I saw the finished work—it was perfect. It is the first thing I see when I walk into my home each day, and it fills me with such joy. The colors, the shapes, the texture of his art are truly unique.” - Michelle H. - Austin Resident - “Simultaneous Steps”

“Xander Griffith donated eight (!) fabulous felt pieces of artwork to the Ronald McDonald House in Tucson. They are beautiful, colorful, whimsical and touchable. I don’t know who enjoys touching the art more – the children or their parents. His pieces liven up the walls near our kitchen and upstairs near the guest rooms for our families. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment on this incredible art. Xander is an artist whose heart is a huge as his talent.” - Kate J. - CEO Ronald McDonald House of Charities Tucson, AZ.

“Our family loves snorkeling and Xander captured the essence of this passion with his skills and creativity. The vibrant colors, intricate shapes and textures of the underwater piece bring the magic of the sea and it’s reefs into our home. It brings energy and joy into our home that we cherish every day." - Seth M. - Portland Resident - “Hors’n Around

“Xander’s piece is vivid, tactile, dimensional and causes frequent smiling, besides being quite unique.” - Jackie J. - Portland Resident - “Guiding Love”